Sunday, June 15, 2014

Unity Video Games
Using Autodesk Maya to create 3D animations in grades sixth through eighth

I started my summer camp last week at my middle school. We had two class sessions for an hour went over the basics, the software to download and then the second session we went through some of the programs and they had about 15 minutes to experiment and use the computer

I had to take 10 minutes to get them out of the classroom they were so engaged in the software program they were not paying attention to anything else.  This is one of the first times I've ever seen this happen.

I put up five new lessons on my website so the students can practice on their own.  Because these are students in middle school I made my own video lessons starting with the basics. I kept the video short, only dealt with water to commands, and had them build something while learning the commands. I believe this is the formula for success with younger children

I've been received the image above from one of those students on Friday of that week. He had downloaded the newest version of the Maya software so it took me a few times to get it in on my version. 

He stated that my video lessons and help him to create his 3-D model, butI had not show them how to paint on projects so he learned this on his own. Plus he stated he was not going to really start animating. So in other words I need to speed up my lessons to keep up with him

Oh we are off to a great start. I will be adding more complex lessons this week for both my and unity therefore my students cannot only learning class you can learn on their own

Here is the link to my online video lessons that they are using.