Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Using 3D Animation -3D modeling in the classroom with Autodesk 123 D Design and MakerBot printer

These are examples of what my students have done using other does one to 3D design.  They virtually taught themselves how to use this software package and the laptops we used only had two gigs of RAM and we're not really built for 3D applications. Plus often they had to wait for school systems network to allow them to access the images they had on the cloud.

Yet they were able to create some really incredible 3-D models. The thing about the younger generation is they are not intimidated or get frustrated by using computers to to create things. They have been using computers, cell phones etc. since a very young age and so they can easily adapt to any program there given.

We are now going to print these models on our makerbot 3D printer. This was an application we did not have we started using one to 3-D design at the start of the school year.  With this application hasn't created some incredible desire to learn how to use the 3-D modeling with any of the Autodesk software packages we are now using.

This will allow me to now incorporate higher and 3D packages such as Autodesk Maya into my classroom for the interest is already been generated by using the one to 3-D applications. I want to incorporate STEAM into all of my classes and also use common core applications to get my students college ready and job ready.

By mastering 3-D modeling and animation this will give my students a possible career path as they go through both high school and college. The job applications in business for these two subjects will be endless

Monday, March 24, 2014

3D Printer Used to Save a Baby's Life

This is just one example of the many uses for the new 3D printers. The applications for these 3D printers is endless. Anything that can be designed on the computer using the CAD or 3D modeling programs can now be printed on one of these printers at a fraction of the cost of traditional machine shop printers.

I know in my seventh grade classroom this coming week we will be using Autodesk software to start our modeling skills.  We have actually had success and printing our  3D models from autodesk 123Ddesign from the school year on our new Makerbot 3D printer.

We will continue to print those models for the next 2-3 weeks and then make a major effort to go into Maya and start to design and print 3D models.  

As you will read in the link to the article below these 3D printers can do amazing things to help a wide variety of occupations do their jobs that much better.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Autodesk Maya
Check out this female portrait, created by Korean artist Minjeong Shin (aka Migon) using Maya and rendered with V-Ray. Minjeong has been working with 3D since 2010, modeling 3D characters for an animated short. She is now a freelance artist and has created this image for an online learning resource.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Autodesk Will Discontinue Softimage

Last week, the 3D community was shaken to learn that Autodesk will discontinue Softimage, one of its many 3D software packages. The last release, Softimage 2015, is due to ship in April, and Autodesk will support the software to subscription customers only until 30 April 2016.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Computer Designed 3D Printing of a 
Train Engine 

This is the 3D train that one of my 7th graders designed and I printed on my new 3D printer today! This printer is going to bring tons of Kids to my 3d modeing and animation class. It is going revolutionize the way we manufacture products,

This is the start of the printing process for the train

This is what the train looked like after about 1 hour and 1/2 hours

Finished train engine - 2 1/2 hours - 7th grader - look at the detail and design printed. We are going to start selling these in our class.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Makerbot 3D Printer 

Well we spent all day re-leveling the printer, trying different  plastics etc.  But once we set the plate up to a higher level we were then able to get the printer to work correctly

So next we are going to start to print 3D models that we will design using

3D Studio Max

And see what my students can do   They all now want to design and make different 3D models and everyone is super excited.

This 3D printer will motivate Middle School, Junior High School, and High School students to study 3D modeling,  engineering and math related subjects to be able to design and print 3D models

If you need to contact via email you can do so via email at


Also you can contact me via my website:

Name: Kent Ganevsky
School: Roosevelt Middle School, Glendale, California
Subject: 7th Grade Math- Computer Science ( 3D Animation, 3D game development, website creation, computer programming)
Classroom: 5107
Bio:  I have been teaching math and now a computer science class for 10 years.  I taught Algebra, Geometry at the high school in the Hart District for two years.  I then came to Roosevelt five years ago and taught 8th grade Intro to Algebra, and for the last two years I have taught 7th grade math.
I now teach a class and run the new Computer Science club at Roosevelt Middle School and we will now be using our math skills to create 3D animations and 3D models with our new 3D printer,. We will put our works up on my website for the studios to see.k.  Our goal is to get our scrub members to challenge themselves, to strive to improve, and to start on a path to a successful career in computer science.

I have a BA in Business Management from the University of Idaho, and a MBA from USC in finance and statistics.  I worked in the corporate world for 10 years as a telecommunications manager ( AT@T and Transamerica). I then started and ran my own business for 20 years selling 3D animation software and hardware from Autodesk, nonlinear digital editing systems, and also building and managing websites.
I believe that hard work and constant improvement leads to success in math.  I do not care at what level of math a student enters my class,  but I do care about what level they leave at.  I expect to see improvement each day. Every student can be successful at math if they push themselves and practice.  Some will simply require more time to succeed.
I run my own website and all of my lesson plans,  tutorials, practice problems, tests, and our  computer science projects are on it.  My website is

my email is

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3D Printing with Makerbot Printer 

Well we printed some 3D Models this morning after setting up the printer yesterday.   It took us about 30 minutes to setup and to get the printing plate and nozzle calibrated.  Our first try we were to high with our nozzle. 

After getting it setup right we then printed shark using the white plastic plastic that it came with 

This is the printer printing the shark in full 3D depth, 

Then we tried the 3D printer to print a 3D comb. 

However the printer jammed 1/2 way through the printing.  They informed us sometime the plastic is not the right size.  Since they sent it to us we were wondering about that.  So tomorrow we will try the white or blue one too, 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Using the smartboard for teaching 

I have used my smartboard for teaching 7th grade math for the last three years.   I make it a part of all of my lesson plans.

I call on my students to come up and solve problems on the board and go step by step to do so. This enables both the students and I to see if they can do the problems we are working on.

They all love coming up to the smart board to do the problems and even though I use a seating chart to call on students they are always raising their hands to come and solve problems on the smart board. 

I have all of my lessons done before each class we simply go from screen to screen.   I can bring in images, capture screens from the internet,  and use the document scanner to scan in images from any book I want.   They are a variety of tools to use to hide part of the screen,  highlight parts of it, and to use a wide variety of images and interactive games that it comes with. 

I also use the responder for a wide variety of my tests.   This means the test are instantly graded when I stop the tests, and not only can I see and record or export them the students can instantly see their grade and what questions they missed also.  This is incredible advantage to offer to my students.   They have immediate feedback on these tests and we can go over them instantly.    Compared to wait for days to get a non-responder test back,  the is a great tool to motivate your students and to let you know what subjects you may have to reteach again,

I also show instructional youtube videos on my smart board and it plus in a set of classroom speakers built into my room.   I will also soon be creating my own youtube instructional videos and also a interactive website

So I would recommend that all teachers or instructors in any field look to use a smartboard in their classes for it will definitely enhance their teaching. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

3D Printing from Makerbot Arrived! 

I received my 3D Makerbot printer Friday and I cannot wait till it up and use it

I am going to start with Autodesk Maya in my Middle School math class and 3D animation classes.   We are going to design 3D models and then use the 3D printer to print them.

3D animation is based on vectors ( small space and 3D space ). 3D Animation  uses vector algebra and matrix algebra to create 3D computer graphics.

So teaching lessons in 3D animation is great method of teaching math, art, and a great introduction to the job skill of creating presentations.

A great introduction into common core which not only college ready but job ready. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

I should be getting my new 3D printer tomorrow and hopefully set it up in the next few days and use Maya and 3D Studio Max to design and print some 3D models straight off of the computer.

This will revolutionize the way we design and create models for all forms of business.  No longer will we have to pay thousands of dollars to machine prototypes for we can now print them ourselves,

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Computer Science Classes Being Formed 

I am going to start the following subjects in my classes next week

Alice 2.4  a 3D Jave based Computer Programming  Site
Code,org -  computer programming
Autodesk Maya - 3D modeling 
Windows Live Video Editor
Microsoft Powerpoint

All math classes will use these software packages to work on projects and to make presentations. 

We will then watch them in our classes and evaluate how they were done and then presented too