Saturday, April 25, 2015

USC has added  "Game Development" track within their computer science program

The last year and a half I have been blessed to have a student come in from GCC and work with me and my middle school students at Roosevelt middle school in Glendale. His name is Richard Dean

He originally came in to help with math but he was also an expert in 3D animation and Maya. In addition he was the one who got me to go into video game design and see the unlimited job opportunities for doing that as a career.

He just told me this week that he is trying to get into the USC computer science program and their new video game development track. This is one of the hottest tracks in the world today and look at some of the classes that are required.

I'm hoping that other school districts are making plans for putting in AP computer science and animation tracks.

I have included the classes required from USC for that track below, and you can see they also require Advanced math skills




Introduction to Programming 3


Data Structures and Object-Oriented Design 4

CSCI 109

Introduction to Computing 3

CSCI 170

Discrete Methods in Computer Science 4


Principles of Software Development 4

CSCI 270

Introduction to Algorithms and Theory of Computing 4

CSCI 350

Introduction to Operating Systems 4

CSCI 353

Introduction to Internetworking 4

CSCI 360

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence4

CSCI 420

Computer Graphics 4

CSCI 423

Native Console Multiplayer Game Development 4

CSCI 424

Game Engine Tool Development 4

CSCI 425

Immersive Game Design 4

EE 352L

Computer Organization and Architecture 4



CTIN 190

Introduction to Interactive Entertainment 4

CSCI 281

Pipelines for Games and Interactives 3

CSCI 491abL

Final Game Project (4-2) 6

CTAN 452

Introduction to 3-D Computer Animation 2


Intermediate Game Development 2

CTIN 488

Game Design Workshop 4

CTIN 489

Intermediate Game Design Workshop 3

ITP 380

Video Game Programming 4

ITP 485

Programming Game Engine 4

Total units 128

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Eighth grade middle school 3D animation models

This is Kimberly's work on a futuristic outerspace planet

Great Review of my 3D Animation Class in Digital Media World 

Autodesk put me in touch with the reporter from Australia about doing a online article about my class.   My program is really growing and I'm having to turn students away this last quarter