Saturday, December 13, 2014

How to create a spinning logo that's
on fire 
in Autodesk Maya

I created this spinning logo yesterday using Autodesk Maya. I use their :

  • Text
  • Rotation
  • And dynamics – gravity - Active objects
  • And fire
My seventh-grade students will be working on spinning logos this next week to finish up our 10 weeks of school.  They have done incredible work in their 3D models and also 3D animations, and have shown that students in middle school can be learning and mastering high-end computer packages.  

They are well on their way preparing themselves for the high thing exciting jobs in 3-D animation and modeling in soon video game programming and also computer science.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Using Unity 3D to teach Computer Programming 

I I am starting to teach my students how do you program in C# using unity 3D video game design package.

My students will be creating 3D objects in Autodesk Maya and then bringing them in to Unity3D.  We will then on how to apply computer programming to make these objects move, rotate, scale them, and have them start to learn how to create a videogame.

So I will be using the video game itself to motivate them to learn computer programming which of course they can use for many more applications other than video game design and creation. 

This my Youtube channel where I have all of my video lessons

Monday, December 8, 2014

Create Comets crashing on Fire using
Autodesk Maya

This took me only a couple hours to create using Autodesk Maya and bump maps, dynamics commands such as gravity at active rigid bodies, etc. 

My seventh and eighth graders will be creating their own 3D animations following my Youtube online video lesson.  Then they can do their own project using the commands that they just learned.

This is a link to the animation and then another link to the actual video lesson on how to create it.