Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Teaching computer programming using Unity 3-D video game software

I am now starting to teach my seventh grade and eighth grade students how to program in C sharp.  We are going to be using the unity 3D program to do so.

This is an excellent way to get students motivated to learn computer programming.   They are able to apply their program to a model in the Unity3D software and then watch as the model does what their program says. And if they make a mistake it will give them an error message and they must go back and analyze their Code

Unity3d comes with its own compiler- Monodevelop  which makes for an excellent software program do you use to teach programming.  They can use Maya to create and bring in 3D models and objects, and then going to the Monodevelop program and write the code to manipulate them,  and then come back to Unity3D program to see what happens

Plus they're getting invaluable skills and designing a 3D video game. This is a huge market and a great opportunity to develop future job skills . Plus designing a video game requires them to sketch out and visualize how the game will look, how they will put it together, line of sight, etc. It's a project-based project for them to work on

All of these exercises will provide invaluable experience for the future job skills they will need to be successful in a highly technical world . Plus the video game market is one the fastest growing in the world. and so to be acquiring skills in designing, modeling and programming for 3D games is a great opportunity.

The students of today have been born into and are in the midst of the the computer age. They do not get frustrated when dealing with new hardware software, they have the patience and ability to solve and conquer almost any problem.