Saturday, January 30, 2016

7th grader - Donovan's Soccer Video Games

He built his own soccer field and lined it, build his own stadium, soccer goals stands etc.   I brought in a third person character controller for him and set the camera up behind him so that we could play the game and see him move and kick goals/

So he went from Autodesk Maya, and then bringing his models into Unity3D, and then putting them in his game adding physics and gravity to his own video game.  He then  was able to publish his game and send it to other students and a bunch of them were playing at last week

We are now going to have our seventh and eighth graders concentrate more on the programming end of the game so they can get a start working on their computer programming skills. This will prepare them for a career in computer science

And my class is now working on in teams and making their own video games. That makes each student has a different part of the game to design and implement

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